Unsolicited Email

The Law Office of Richard Stephens does not send unsolicited email. It is as simple as that. We only send email to people we know – to our clients or people we have personally met. If you have received an email saying it is from us and you have never met us, then it is unlikely to come from us. Check to see if the email and office address are the same as those given on this website – if they are not, then the email is not from us. Ask yourself if the email you have received deals with the sorts of things you see described as being the activities of this law firm on this website – again, if your email is about something which has nothing to do with a lawyer working working in the commercial law arena, then it is not from us.

This is important for your security – there have been many reports of frauds recently where criminals use the identities of well known law firms as a cover to get money from people or to involve them in illegal money-laundering scams.

It is sad to have to deal with these things on a website, but that is the reality of the dealing in cyberspace – use lots of caution.